WordCamp Nashik 2017 Speakers

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WordCamp Nashik 2017 WooCommerce
37% of all online stores are powered by WooCommerce. Built on WordPress, WooCommerce is a fully customizable, open source eCommerce solution.

Whether you’re selling a few handcrafted items to a niche market, taking an existing business online, or going global with an enterprise level eCommerce business – WooCommerce will get you set up and selling fast and scale securely as you grow. Plus your content will be forever yours and customizable down to the finest button color.

Developed and supported by a distributed team, WooCommerce is powered by Automattic, the creators of WordPress.com.


WordCamp Nashik 2017 Jetpack
Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin that simplifies managing your sites. This single plugin enables Photon (a global CDN for images), uptime monitoring, brute force protection, traffic-boosting tools, single sign on, multiple-site management, and automatic or bulk plugin updates. Additionally Jetpack includes several features that help you customize the look and feel of your site without installing other tools. More information can be found at jetpack.com.



WordCamp Nashik 2017 GoDaddy
GoDaddy Pro is a free membership program for web developers, designers & agencies. It offers exclusive tools to help onboard, manage and maintain multiple clients and their sites fast and easy. With GoDaddy Pro tools, you can easily shop for your client, monitor their sites, and manage their products from a single dashboard. Additionally, your membership includes advanced 24/7 technical support and rewards for recommending GoDaddy to your clients.

You can use GoDaddy Pro with all of GoDaddy’s newly refreshed hosting products, including Managed WordPress, cPanel shared hosting, our brand new cloud product, and our virtual and dedicated solutions.

And, always get the best price on GoDaddy products with your “30% off list price” member benefit.

Learn more about GoDaddy Pro.


WordCamp Nashik 2017 Bluehost
Bluehost has been a WordPress partner since 2005 and powers over 1 million WordPress sites worldwide. Their objective is to help customers, whether novice or pro, create a thriving online presence at an affordable price. With a team of in-house tech experts available 24/7, Bluehost dedicates time and resources to providing the best support and services in the industry. Join millions of other site owners and see what Bluehost can do for you and your online presence.


Hostripples.in is providing Indian internet shared web hosting and reseller hosting. The services and support provided is the reason why more and more people are choosing Hostripples for their website hosting. They have been supporting their customers 24×7, whether they are a newbie or a webmaster.

Hostripples provides reliable, affordable shared web hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth, high speed network and hosting with all the features you need like Softaculous, Lets Encrypt SSL, Attracta SEO Tools, RvSitebuilder, Cloudlinux, Cloudflare etc. They also support in setting up their client’s web projects.

Home-grown, and headquartered in Delaware, USA, it has tier 4 datacenters in about 16 locations around the world, The company also offers domain registrations, standard and custom made hosting solutions for all types of websites and businesses, SSL solutions and SEO solutions. Hostripples! – the only web hosting plan you will ever need.

This product has been developed by SARPS Technologies LLC, which apart from being into web hosting, also caters to the web designing and web development services.

By Keeping the Strong and knowledgeable Technical team in back-end they managed to keep their customers happy, They also know how take advantage of having development background inherited from SARPS to implement and enhance the server environment for all type of websites including eCommerce and CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

The Growth shown by the hostripples in Reseller and VPS industries is remarkable, while they still keeping the cPanel hosting and Hosting for websites built on WordPress packages and offers the best industrial hosting features, more to come.

Please be sure to take an advantage of greeting hostripples India experts team at WordCamp Nashik 2017 and grab the special Offers.

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Learn more at: hostripples.in


WordCamp Nashik 2017 Yoast

Yoast helps you to get the most out of your website! You might know our Yoast SEO plugin;
with over 7,5 million active installs, Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins

At Yoast, we believe in holistic SEO: not just one aspect of a website, but all aspects are
important and should, therefore, be as good as possible. All awesome websites have three
things in common: they’re easy to use, contain the right information, and they’re fast and
reliable. The bonus is, that if you do all that right, a website becomes easier to find as well!
Our products help people create remarkable sites. We offer plugins that make optimizing
websites as easy as pie. By subscribing to our SEO Care package, we can directly help
customers make a better site. Last but not least, we have online courses and eBooks that give
people the skills and the knowledge needed to start improving their site.

Web: yoast.com
Facebook: facebook.com/yoast
Twitter: twitter.com/yoast



WordCamp Nashik 2017 WPML

WPML turns WordPress websites multilingual. It works with caching, SEO and E-Commerce plugins, and allows the building of complete multilingual sites. WPML powers simple blogs as well as corporate and enterprise sites.

WPML allows users to translate everything in the site, including content, menus, widgets and even theme and plugin texts. WPML powers over 500,000 commercial websites from all over the world.

More information about going multilingual can be found at WPML.org

We are looking for talent. If you are a smart programmer you are welcome to contact us here: http://wpml.org/home/were-hiring/.


WPML प्लग-इन द्वारा वर्डप्रेस वेबसाइट को बहुभाषी बनाया जा सकता है | यह प्लग-इन कैशिंग, एस. ई.

ओ और ई-कॉमर्स प्लग-इन्स के साथ अच्छी तरह से अनुरूप है, और आपकी वेबसाइट संपूर्ण बहुभाषी

बनाने में WPML प्लग-इन का उपयोग हो सकता है |

WPML प्लग-इन से आप स्वयं अपनी साइट में सब कुछ अनुवाद कर सकते है, वह कंटेंट, मेनू, विजेट हो,

या फिर थीम/प्लगइन टेक्स्ट, WPML के साथ आप सामान्य ब्लॉग से लेकर कॉर्पोरेट अथवा एंटरप्राइज़

साइट्स का भी अनुवाद कर सकते है |

दुनिया भर में ५००,००० से अधिक व्यावसायिक वेबसाईट्स, WPML द्वारा संचलित है |

अधिक जानकारी WPML.org वेबसाइट से प्राप्त की जा सकती है |

WPML कुशल प्रोग्रामर की खोज में है, यदि आप कुशल प्रोग्रामर है, तो कृपया हमसे संपर्क करे



WPML प्लगिन द्वारा वर्डप्रेस वेबसाईट बहुभाषिक बनवली जाऊ शकते, WPML प्लगिन कैशिंग, एस. ई.

ओ आणि ई-कॉमर्स प्लग-इन्स सोबत अनुरूप आहे व आपली वेबसाईट संपूर्ण बहुभाषिक बनवण्यासाठी

WPML प्लगिनचा उपयोग होऊ शकतो.

WPML प्लगिन वापरून आपण आपल्या वेबसाईट मध्ये सर्व काही भाषांतर करू शकतात जसे कंटेंट, मेनू,

विजेट असो किंवा थीम/प्लगइन मजकूर. WPML बरोबर आपण सामान्य ब्लॉग पासून कॉर्पोरेट किंवा

एंटरप्राइज साइट्स चे भाषांतर करू शकतात.

जगभरात ५००,००० हुन अधिक व्यावसायिक वेबसाईट्स WPML द्वारा संचलित आहेत.

अधिक माहितीसाठी कृपया WPML.org ह्या संकेतस्थळाला आवर्जून भेट द्या

आम्ही सतत कुशल प्रोग्रामरच्या शोधात असतो, जर आपण कुशल प्रोग्रामर असाल तर आमच्याशी संपर्क साधा

LiteSpeed Technologies

LiteSpeed Technologies is dedicated to enabling a faster Internet and lowering infrastructure costs through cutting-edge software. The Internet is growing faster than ever, and many large websites and hosting providers still try to alleviate load problems by simply purchasing additional hardware. This tactic is wasteful and leaves sites ill-equipped to meet today’s traffic needs.

LiteSpeed Web Server gets better performance out of existing infrastructure. LSWS’s return on investment is one of the highest in the industry, allowing users to expand without the hurdle of new hardware. Plus, LSWS is Apache-compatible, and sites can be migrated from Apache and up and running on LiteSpeed in minutes.

LiteSpeed-powered WordPress sites have access to the popular LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin, which communicates directly with the server and its built-in page cache. Because the caching technology is built directly into LSWS, overhead is significantly reduced and caching can be done more efficiently than with other PHP-based caches. (Learn more)

Speed up your WordPress site: talk to your hosting provider about LSCache today!


WordCamp Nashik 2017 Kinsta

Kinsta is one of the fastest growing managed WordPress hosts on the market with a focus on providing high-performance, scalability, and availability. Their infrastructure is powered by Google Cloud Platform, which is one of the largest, fastest, and most secure networks on the planet. They work with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as GE, Intuit, Drift, AdEspresso, Mint, and Swagway.

They also specialize in optimized WooCommerce hosting for large ecommerce sites that need superior uptime. Utilizing orchestrated LXD containers allows them to completely isolate each WordPress site and autoscale for sudden traffic surges.

Kinsta features the latest and greatest technologies such as HTTP/2, PHP 7.1, MariaDB, HHVM, WP-CLI, one-click staging, Let’s Encrypt, Git, and premium DNS via Amazon Route 53. Their support team is second to none, and is made up of knowledgeable WordPress developers which are available 24×7 for assistance.

Kinsta consistently shows that blazing fast performance and great support can be achieved by a hosting provider, as they have been awarded Top Tier Performance 3 years in a row by ReviewSignal and were named the most reliable host by Codeinwp.

Connect with Kinsta on Twitter and Facebook.


WordCamp Nashik 2017 WeGlot

Weglot is a revolutionary multilingual plugin to translate and display your website in multiple languages.

Completely different from historical players with a unique technical approach, and a continuous focus on user experience, Weglot offers a solution:

  • easy to use and set-up: no code or source files manipulation required, it only takes 2 minutes to configure
  • 100% compatible: no compatibility issues with other Themes or Plugins, as Weglot is agnostic to the sources of content
  • SEO optimized: following Google SEO multilingual best practices, automatically creating unique URL for each language and translating SEO tags
  • multiple sources of translation: machine translation (automatically provided at subscription) that users can edit through a unique dashboard, themselves or by involving team members, as well as professional (PRO agencies directly plugged with Weglot – under development)
  • light and performing: the API approach avoids slowdowns, Weglot doesn’t overcharge your WordPress installation

Discover the new solution for multilingualism in WordPress, already trusted by more than 10,000+ users, on the Directory or, directly on the website.


विग्लॉट एक अप्रतिम बहुभाषी प्लगइन है, जिसके द्वारा आप वेबसाइट कई भाषाओं में प्रदर्शित कर सकते है|

ऐतिहासिक खिलाड़ियों से बिल्कुल अलग, विग्लॉट यूजर के अनुभव पर निरंतर ध्यान देते हैं|

विग्लॉट की विशेषताएं:

  • सेट-अप और उपयोग करने में आसान: कोई कोड या स्रोत फ़ाइलें की आवश्यकता नहीं है, इसे कॉन्फ़िगर करने में केवल 2 मिनट लगते हैं|
  • 100% कम्पेटिबल: अन्य थीम या प्लगइन्स के साथ संगतता संबंधी कोई समस्या नहीं|
  • एसईओ अनुकूलित: गूगल बहुभाषी एसईओ, बताए गए प्रमाणों द्वारा, विग्लॉट हर भाषा में एक अद्वितीय युआरएल और भाषांतरित एसईओ टैग बनाता है|
  • अनुवाद के अनेक स्रोत: मशीन अनुवाद (सब्सक्रिप्शन पर प्रदान की जाती है) कि सुविधा उपयोगकर्ताओं को एक अद्वितीय डैशबोर्ड द्वारा प्रदान की गई है, जिसमे आप स्वयं अथवा अन्य टीम मेंबर्स या फिर प्रोफेशनल्स को भी शामिल कर सकते है|
  • लाइटवेट और अप्रतिम प्रदर्शन: विग्लॉट एपीआई आपके वर्डप्रेस इंस्टॉलेशन को ज़्यादा ओवरलोड नहीं करता, जिसके तहत, आपकी वेबसाइट जल्द लोड होती है|

बहुभाषी वर्डप्रेस बनाने की नई तकनीक, एक बार अवश्य उपयोग करें, जिसे 10000+ से भी अधिक यूजर्स ने इनस्टॉल किया है| आप विग्लॉट प्लगइन, वर्डप्रेस रिपॉजिटरी अन्यथा विग्लॉट वेबसाइट द्वारा डाउनलोड कर सकते है|



BookMyActivity is an online platform where one can find and book classes/activities, seminars, workshops, events online! Its an Uber for activities and learning events.

We help Educators, event planners who are hosting or conducting workshops, seminars , conferences to generate leads, advertise and give admin support for their activities in form of ticketing service or attendee management etc!

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